Foreign Missions at Walter Reed

Approximately 185 countries have foreign missions in Washington, DC making this area one of the worlds most important diplomatic centers.

The federal government’s Foreign Missions Plan provides a policy framework for the United States to fulfill its international obligation to assist foreign governments and international organizations in obtaining suitable locations for their diplomatic missions.  It promotes the prestigious nature of the diplomatic mission, contributes to the city, and acknowledges and maintains the unique characteristics of Washington, DC.

With this rich tradition and history in mind, a 33-acre parcel on the western portion of the Walter Reed campus has been dedicated to the State Department for the development of a Foreign Missions Center. It will be a chancery similar to the department’s International Chancery Center at Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street NW.

For more information about the Foreign Mission & International Organization plan at Walter Reed, contact Capital Investment, LLC.  We have relationships at the State Department Office of Foreign Missions and assist countries who are interested in learning about opportunities for locating a foreign mission or consulate at Walter Reed.

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