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This is a current events site hosted by Capital Investment LLC. Capital Investment LLC has no connection to the real estate developers or the development. Capital Investment LLC has no responsibility for the content of the articles or sites that are linked on this website.

We are a commercial real estate company located several blocks from these developments on Georgia Avenue NW. As neighbors, we are naturally excited about these real estate projects and will cover them by providing links to articles so the public can stay well informed.

As the projects come to fruition, we will be writing original posts which provides our take on how everything is progressing, and eventually, we hope to be a resource to the community for up to date information and current events.

If you have any information or comments on the Parks at Walter Reed, Children’s at Walter Reed or Foreign Missions at Walter Reed or have a new project on Georgia Avenue that you would like us to feature on this web page, please send us an email to reza@capitalinvestmentllc.com. If you are the developer for one of the projects we have featured on this website, please feel free to contact us with any additional details or information you would like the public to know about your project.


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