Children’s Hospital at Walter Reed

In a much anticipated deal, the Army has given Children’s Hospital, the District of Columbia’s well-respected children’s hospital, 12 acres on the new Walter Reed campus. The transfer will include Building 54, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Building and former Military Medical Museum; Building 53, the former post theater; Building 52, a warehouse and outpatient clinic; and a parking garage. Children’s will be renovating or redeveloping the 12 acres into a top of the line research facility. This will be done in several phases over many years. The vision is for Children’s to house a state of the art medical research facility, an innovation center and a pediatric/adolescent primary care center. The Children’s portion of the campus will provide approximately 200 new employees in the next five years to the area and eventually 400-500 employees.

Children’s will be reaching out to the community in the coming days for ideas and input. A main goal of the development is to provide a facility which works harmoniously with its residential surroundings and to honor the site’s rich historic past. Accordingly, the development will go through all the normal channels of development including historic preservation, ANC participation and D.C. Zoning.

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